About The Show: 

It's time to start giving a fuck about you. You give a fuck about your kids, your family, your work but what about you??? 

This podcast and the corresponding newsletter are about learning how to give a fuck about you. It is no holds barred and I give no fucks that you're triggered. 

Your mother and your grandmother should have taught you to give a fuck about you, but they didn't and that's why I'm here. 

To teach you what you should know and to teach it to the next generation. 

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About Our Host:

Some of you know Lishoné from her popularity on Medium. Others know her from her popularity on Facebook. Lishoné is an award-winning entrepreneur, who's owned and sold several businesses since 2007. Prior to her podcasting and her newsletter, she was a top writer on Medium in the categories of Life, Family, Parenting and Relationships. She has also spent time on Facebook as a popular influencer before being banned by Facebook for her triggering views on the topics of Life, Sex and Magic. Hailing from the city of New York, Lishoné is known to have a tough but fair treatment of people and outlook on life. Her no holds barred style has had her nicknamed in the past, "The Black Judge Judy!" Triggered after or while listening to her? You might want to see a therapist about that!

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